I am a post-academic computational evolutionary biologist working in software development that supports data sharing and research. My current role is Team Lead of the CanDIG platform, a project of the University Health Network Data Aggregation, Translation, and Architecture (DATA) team.

During my academic career, I worked on phylogenetic inference (building evolutionary trees from DNA sequences) and phyloinformatics (synthesis and management of phylogenetic data). I was lead PI of the Open Tree of Life project, which builds and keeps up to date a comprehensive tree of all life.

I am a passionate supporter of Open Science and Reproducible Science - making research data, scientific software, and publications freely available for review, use, and re-use.

In support of open and reproducible science, I have long been involved with teaching and leadership of The Carpentries and their lesson programs Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry. I am also on the advisory board of pyOpenSci.